[Original Quote] There are no such things as roadblocks

by | Mar 5, 2021


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The Quote


Key Food for Thoughts (KFT)


You may say “yet another quote” and I will reply “yes, but-ummm”. This quote is an original and I would like to share its short story so you will have its context. But feel free to jump straight down the page.

Equipped for hiking, I am making my way towards the 8-figure pools, south of Sydney. After some time walking, I get closer to this beautiful spot. It is located between the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs of the Royal National Park.

It is the second time that I am visiting this place and yet again, I invite myself into a special experience.

The path is getting narrow and rocky. It can become hazardous due to the waves splashing against and over the rocks forming the only access way. I start accelerating my pace. My senses and my breath become one with my beating heart, in unison. I start jumping from rock to rock. I lower my centre of gravity to gain balance when landing. And strength to propulse myself back up to the next block. My brain as the bandmaster, and my body as a whole are synchronising and leading those movements.

After 30 or 60 seconds, I stop, take a deeper breath in from the ocean breeze, steadily breath out.
Woh, it feels amazing. I feel alive.
Anyway, after this, I take out my phone and scribble some notes about this quote. 3 months later, I stumble upon my notes and have the intuition that it is time to share this around:

The Quote

“There are no such things as roadblocks. Only rocks you can step on to propel yourself to the next block.”

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Your Key Food for Thoughts (KFT)

  • Any blocks in life are an opportunity to learn and grow from them
  • The way through to your life vision starts with a jump from the rock in front of you to the next
  • Landing onto one boulder at a time, at your pace, create progress
Maxime Fulpin

Maxime Fulpin

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I have coached myself for the last 3 years. Through physical injuries, anxiety, depression, sadness, frustration. I also have had some great personal accomplishments: immigrating to Australia, materializing my ideas through entrepreneurship projects, and running a marathon in under 4 hours… What a journey that brings me here today to help you do the same. I would love to have the opportunity to tell you my story and know yours!