I support entrepreneurs & business owners, athletes and individual transformers to reach their goals. Below are testimonials from some of the people I’ve supported.

I support entrepreneurs & business owners

Max helped me in more ways than I could have imagined when we began our coaching relationship. His unique approach to empathetic listening, and thoughtful observance and follow-up questioning really helped me unpack a lot of hurdles in my personal and professional life.

His approachable and easy-going nature made it much easier to speak about difficult blocks in my life than I’ve experienced speaking with others in the past. Because of this, we were able to laugh along the way while smashing through any roadblocks, or as he would say “jumping from one stone to the next”!

Max helped me in a pivotal time in my life when I was going through a stressful stage, which became transformational with helping me get my business off of the ground. I couldn’t have done it without Max, his unique coaching style and methods, and the continued support and accountability.

I’d highly recommend Maxime as your go-to coach to work through anything in your life, as he understands deeply just how much one area of life affects another, and truly brings a wonderfully holistic approach.


Digital Entrepreneur, Canada

You helped me find my target market. I felt very supported and you listened and were able to point out to me when the language I used was not helpful or positive.
Our 8 weeks working together flew by Max. I looked forward to our sessions each week. I felt completely supported and listened to. You were engaging and your humour was uplifting and helpful considering the depths of our conversations.
I learnt a lot about myself and I got very clear on where I want to go with my work. You helped me get clear on my target audience and you also gave me a lovely insight into my relationship with my daughter for which I will be forever grateful.
I look forward to catching up with you in the future Max. Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Dee Phillips

Kinesiologist & Coach, Australia

I had a fantastic experience as one of Max’s coaching clients. His unique ability to create a friendly, and safe environment, along with gently encouraging me to think deeper, allowed me to unpack a lot of past emotional beliefs which continued to impact my life. Max also guided me in developing strategies to more effectively manage my emotions in many aspects of my personal and professional life.

I enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions, as well as the laughter and virtual ‘high fives’ when I gained insights. I would be more than happy to recommend Max’s coaching services.

De Wet

Entrepreneur & Ph.D., New-Zealand

I support fellow athletes

Thanks to the coaching sessions we had, I am now more aware of different aspects of preparing for running a Marathon and actually running it. Also, my training and recovery are now more in balance compared to how it was before.

Our sessions mainly focussed on my Marathon goals, but I’d recommend Maxime for any other challenges in your life that you may have. Never underestimate the unexpected inspiration you may receive when discussing them  with a coach like Maxime.

Maxime is listening well. I mean really listening and also asking questions and daring to go on asking, with an open mind. He is doing it while still keeping me feel comfortable. This is a special skill, and Maxime really has it down to a fine art.


Marathoner & Software Engineer, The Netherlands

I support individual transformers

I had the pleasure and honor of being a long-term client of Max, who worked with me for more than two years. Since I started working with Max, things became clearer in my life in terms of goals, priorities, and the steps and obstacles to achieve them.

Max helped me identify hidden messages in my mind by asking really good questions. This led to me overcoming limiting beliefs and negative emotions that had been holding me back for a long time. The tools and techniques Max used also helped me take my life to the next level. This transformed the relationship with my son, my mom, and the people I cared about.

Max was a true professional, and I highly recommend his service to anyone who wanted to transform their life.


Accountant & Mum, Australia

It’s been fantastic working with you and the courteous attention you gave to my needs made me feel really cared for.

You’ve been very helpful with challenging certain opinions and beliefs, providing estimates of goal feasibility, and gathering my thoughts around the large amount of data I’m trying to act upon.


Engineer, United States